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Digital Conference Signs are a great way for conferences and events to display information to their delegates. Grow event participation and enhance speaker presentations by providing real time information though out conference area. Digital Event Sign can start by welcome delegates to your conference, followed by signs for agendas, sponsors and tradeshow information. 

Digital Sign Player Rental - includes Telus mobile internet hub. (No local internet needed)

Rental price: $100.00 per sign player per day  

(Note: protectors, screens and monitors are not included in sign player rentals) 


Graphic design and presentation scheduling for individual signs. Eg. Welcome sign, Sponsor signs, Agenda signs, Videos Playback

Cost: $45 per sign   

Take you event digital signage to the next level with a live social media curated content hub.

Included live Tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts displayed on the digital sign players.


Social Media Hub displayed on digital signs

$250.00 per day (Includes content curation of social media posts)


Social Media Pulls live results displayed on digital signs (One poll question with max 4 hashtags/answers)

$200.00 per poll per day.